Thoughts on religion and man

I like to think that people who take religion serious tend to reject the rituals that for so long shadowed the inner teachings of the different faiths. I am not saying that all rituals are worthless, i am addressing the issue of people not reaching the core of their religion. For example, Romanian Orthodox Christians tend to pile up dozens of rituals that come from pagan traditions and have nothing to do with the message of Christ. This situation is not restricted to Romanians, it applies to all humans of all faiths.

The problem of grasping the idea of a supreme entity and of a system of the universe that is far beyond our every day life is that many uneducated people try to make foolish and repetitive actions in the hope of attracting the grace of God. Few really want to evolve and i think this is why humanity is in a downward spiral.

I am a religious person in the modern sense of the word, I try to learn from all of the sacred texts, because in essence, all of them teach us the same things. Goodness, the search for knowledge and truth, the love of humankind and of the Universe and to respect the basic principles of life. These are the things that mater, the things we must keep with us all the time.

Our present world is dominated by science, the pursue of knowledge, we must not forget that our mind must go hand in hand with our spirit. The way we perceive religion needs to change to accommodate our present level of development. We no longer believe in supernatural forces, instead we try to understand every aspect of this world. Taking life into our own hands is a must if we want to survive as a species, now we have the possibility to extinct ourselves to say so, no supernatural being will save us from our own stupidity.

In other words, the real religion of this millennium will be the search for God based on the understanding of God and incorporating Him in our conscience. Also, we must redefine what we are, based on what we did and what we want to do as a species. Human history is stained with blood as our aggressive nature many times is pushed in front and with our minds blinded with hate we kill and destroy until nothing is left. This is not the way and it seams that all the prophets, saints, and thinkers who addressed issues that make our species disgusting never achieved their mission. But i have hope that things will change.