AWIL-UM Magazine, 4/2010

The world is getting more and more interconnected and this development influences our lives and our future more than we may think. We steady begin to create a type of global culture, or more exactly, some common elements that begin to be found in all corners of the globe. Concentrating on the things that bring us together is much more important and productive than accentuating the differences. The difficult task is to create the institutions that will allow us to function correctly in a globalized framework.

In this issue you will be able to read about the Eastern Partnership, a great article written by our newest "crew member", Hristofor Hrisoskulov, G20 Seoul and NATO Lisbon. We also offer you an excellent article written by Michael Johnson about Ken Adam, the man who made the James Bond series a world phenomenon through the use of his extraordinary artistic capacities.

For many of you the year 2010 is getting ready to make room for 2011 and this more or less symbolic transition is a good occasion to think of what passed and dream for a better future.

Enjoy your reading,
Florin Cosma

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