Change in Egypt?

I want to start by saying that every individual should have the possibility to live a decent life, there is room on the planet for all. It is sad that in the 21st century people still have to fight for progress and  prosperity. Mubarak is a great leader and to be honest, the protests that are being held these days came as a surprise for me, I never thought that the Egyptian people were so disappointed with their government. My belief is that all these events that take place simultaneously in Tunis, Egypt, Yemen and Jordan, are coordinated by some higher/foreign power.

Egypt has potential, just like every country, and personally I expect to see great improvements there in the next decade. A true democratic system would help a great deal because the social developments need political changes to go along. Also, the United States should learn how to let other countries be free, I don't know if all these protests are a result of reduced American influence or, more likely, CIA involvement, but we can clearly see that the West wants Mubarak to step down, although, a month ago he was an important ally of the West. We will see how the events play out.


Celestine said...

this is ur famous magazine :)
Should've tell me, though.

Anyway, I added you in my blog.
The situation all over this world is a mess and nothing new so far.
This world will pass through major changes, no matter is Egypt or any other restrained country.

Interesting to be here.


Florin Cosma said...

No, this is the blog, the magazines are on the right, hosted by issuu.com