Yagmurlar by Șebnem Ferah

Șebnem Ferah is a well known Turkish singer that manages with staggering success to tear down the barriers of language with her excellent voice and catchy songwriting. Her stile is a type of hard rock with some pop and progressive elements.

Yagmurlar means "rains" and if you don't know Turkish, don't worry, you are not the only one although this is a beautiful language, enjoy the music. The song is from the album entitled "Kadyn" (Woman).

This recording is provided for educational purposes only, please buy the album.


Celestine said...

interesting voice, indeed.
so many talents are hidden waiting for being seen


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Celestine said...

Happy Easter Florin.
Be loved and love the light that guides you in such a great Holy Day!


Florin Cosma said...

Happy Easter to you too