(01) Kelly - Early Christian Doctrines

This is the first in what will be a long series of discussions, each starting every time from a different book that we all agree to read, study and comment. "The Early Christian Doctrines" by John Norman Davidson Kelly is an excellent source of knowledge about the beginnings of the largest religion on the planet and a philosophical system that forever changed humanity.

You can download the book in pdf format here.
The discussion is here.


The Angel's Game by Carlos Zafon

I decided to let a few days pass between finishing the book and writing this review because for me it was a magnificent experience that wanted to remain in my mind for just a little longer. I don't know why but I am very selective when it comes to literature, I tend to appreciate books of history and philosophy more, regardless of their quality. I had high hopes for "The Angel's Game" mainly because a well known Romanian philosopher, who I strongly appreciate, recommended it.

After going through the 471 pages of my Romanian edition I remained with a feeling that along the way a few things remained attached to my soul. This is not the type of book that deals with head aching philosophy, while not being excessively simple, and I think this makes it such a great text. It is a story about love, about the struggle for something more to life and ultimately it is a fight with our true enemy, death. The gothic descriptions and overall atmosphere are definitely captivating, I'm going to let you discover what is the angel's game.