Paul Barlow's art and Bassically by Ryan Farish

Triumph (Small Tree)
It's amazing how many good things we discover by accident, this is the first though that came in my mind after seeing "Triumph" by Paul Barlow. Only after I began to control my amazement I started to go through a list of his works and didn't find one that I didn't like. Most often I try to console myself with the idea that a particular work by a particular artist will someday and somehow grow on me, but this is not the case with Paul's artistic achievements.

He was born in 1988 and is from the United Kingdom. He says:
In my work i choose surrealism because of the freeness, the mysticism and the depths of the subconscious. My main goal is to create and realise unknown worlds, feelings and thoughts which are higher than words. My work is also a kind of spiritual journey, by playing with the world and materials i am createing something higher than mere physical existence. Feelings of beauty, life, lonliness, wonder, happiness, existence all feelings that i cannot put into words are spilled out into my images.
The Kite

To go with the pictures we also present to you Bassically by Ryan Farish, from his album entitled Daydreamer. If you are into electronic music you will love this, if not, you will undoubtedly get the taste of it.

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