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Today I will start a new category on this blog dedicated to music albums that I consider to be important artistic achievements, much like my book recommendations. I will try to keep this project as diversified as possible because, if I learned one thing from my former musician days was that diversity is encouraged when it comes to art. Keep your ears open to jazz, electro, rock, classical and whatever I find through my disc collection. This is not a list and there is no order for the albums. The criteria are endurance (the "playback" value), legacy (for older albums), musical composition, lyrics (if any), and overall experience. Now, let's start !

Angra is a Brazilian rock band from Sao Paolo that was founded in 1991 with the original lineup consisting of Andre Matos (vocals), Rafael Bittencourt and André Linhares (guitars), Marcos Antunes (drums) and Luís Mariutti (bass). Only Bittencourt survived from this original lineup.
Official web-page: http://www.angra.net/


Rebirth is their first album featuring  vocalist Eduardo Falaschi so this partially explains the title. We can see strong influences from progressive rock bands like Dream Theater, also, neo-classical rock influences abound (for example: Acid Rain). You can't get bored of these songs no matter how much you listen to them, with every play you submerge into a realm not like any other. The excellent dialogue between all the pieces (guitars, bass, drums, vocals, keyboards) also denotes high production values.

Acid Rain (live, low quality)

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