Kittie Grave (visual) and Elis (audio)

This "duo" is different from what I have been posting here because, prior to this, music came in support of the visual arts... now is the other way around. This may not mean much to you because I imagine you receive the music and the pictures in the same package but for me it's an important detail. Elis is a great band, underrated like most good music projects nowadays. I can't keep an objective mind when talking about this band because the music fells like it's under my skin, entering my blood like some kind of drug. Something totally different from the other bands and artists I like. They are filed under gothic metal and are from Liechtenstein.

The singer is Sabine Dunser who sadly died in 2007, she had a great, powerful and expressive voice. The song "Heaven and Hell" is, as you probably already know, a cover from the 1980 Black Sabbath album with the same name that featured Dio as vocalist.

As for Kitty Grave I don't really have much to say except that she is from Ukraine and is a Libra. Her deviantArt page is here, apart from that, enjoy the pictures.

Drinking of Silence
Feel the tree
Rest from war
My time is yet to come
The world is full of Kings and Queens
who blind your eyes and steal your dreams
It's Heaven and Hell, oh well
And they'll tell you black is really white
The moon is just the sun at night
And when you walk in golden halls
you get to keep the gold that falls
It's Heaven and Hell

See you all next week

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