Where to get your news from

We live in dangerous times my friends, across the world people are faced with artificial threats, are given misleading information and believe they are free while in fact they are the slaves of ignorance. Here is a list of trusted news sites. As you will see, I tried to limit myself only to the most professional and objective sources.

Press TV - Iranian English news station, strongly recommended and to be trusted. It features shows done by Max Kaiser (On the Edge with Max), George Galloway (The Real Deal), Russell Michaels (Cinepolitics), but also a series of documentaries dealing with hot topics around the world, culture and arts. Of great interest are also the two programs dedicated to Iranian culture and life (Iran and Iran Today).

RT TV - Russian news station broadcasting in English. From my observations it tends to be the first to show breaking news. It's commentators will always give you that fresh perspective you have been searching for in terms of geopolitics. Some of the shows are: Kaiser Report (with Max Kaiser, who also does a show on Press TV), CrossTalk (with Peter Lavelle), Interview with Sophie Shevardnadze and Technology Update. The site is one of the best news sites I have ever seen, I definitely like the Russian encyclopedia, the "Learn Russian" section with the famous "Hot for words" and a series of on-line exclusives.

CCTV English - Chinese news station that also has an informative website. I especially like their documentaries and their "learn Chinese" section. Some of their programs are: Asia Today, China 24, Journeys in Time, China Insight and World Insight. A lovely source for information and education.

Xinhua - It's important to keep an eye on the country that seems to be destined to take the role of superpower in decades to come, the Xinhua News Agency is a great place to start.

IRNA - The Islamic Republic's News Agency offers a more detailed point of view coming from this great culture, from here most of the official photos come from (military drills, diplomatic meetings, and so on)

RIA Novosti - Another excellent Russian news site, great articles. One of my favorite columnists is Marc Bennetts who writes "Deeper than Oil", I still remember his thoughts about his trip to North Korea in 2011, an impressive insight into the secretive country. The multimedia section is a must see, the "INFOgraphics" are very well made.

SANA - Syrian Arab News Agency, that's right, the best source of info from that country (at least the best source I found). The website isn't exceptional but you should visit it from time to time.

AVN (Venezuela) - The English version of Venezuela's news agency, offers a limited selection of articles, will search for more sources from Venezuela.

Tehran Times - This is an Iranian English language daily newspaper, I already started to make my digital collection and I try to read it every day although most often I'll just read the titles. The cultural page interests me the most, but also the politics section. The website has been redesigned recently and it look much much better.

This is all for now, I will do updates with other news sources in future posts (hopefully something from Europe and the US also). Don't forget, in addition to being well informed, try to digest the news on your own and don't rely only on what others comment about events, also, read, read books about history, philosophy, these will greatly help you in your every day lives and this is not a joke.

Take care, all the best to you all.

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