David Preissel (visual) and Robert Schroeder (audio)

Welcome to another edition of "Duo", this time featuring the photographer Daivd Preissel and the electronic music composer Robert Schroeder.

Robert Schroeder was born in May 1955 in Aachen, Germany. At the age of 13 he got his first musical instrument, a guitar. 1970 marked his decision to put down the guitar and turn to electronics and electrical engineering and he specialized in the development and production of electronic music equipment. He was inspired at first by musicians and groups like Pink Floyd, Kraftwerk, Klaus Schulze, Can, Deep Purple, Emerson Lake and Palmer. The song featured now (Invisible Danger) is from the album Brain Voyager released in 1985. The first 45 seconds will make you believe this is a very calm song, the piece slowly transforms into a heavy and dynamic composition. It was a nightmare choosing between this song and "Frozen Breath of Life", a cleaner and softer piece, just wished I could post them both. 

David Preissel (x-horizon) in a public statement from September 2011 declared that he will be "retiring from photography"... too bad because this Swiss artist has great possibilities judging from his work, my advice for him would be that art is the essence of life, breathing, touching, knowing, seeing, thinking art is the only thing that saves us, don't throw it away.

Compulsion of Stupidity
Lives like a tree
The Fall

The Spirit

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