Giuseppe Crespi (visual) and Arcangelo Corelli (audio)

This 'Duo' is special, it is dedicated to Italian baroque art, for the visual element I selected some works of Giuseppe Maria Crespi, a Bolognese painter and for the audio part I decided to go with Arcangelo Corelli.

Lets start with the music, by clicking play you will hear the 4th sonata (Op.1) in La minor. Corelli was born in 1653 and died in 1713, in between he ate, slept, talked, read and all the rest, oh yeah, and he also composed excellent music for which he was rewarded an important place in the history of western classical music and in our hearts. He came with some innovations in violin playing that caught the attention of many musicians of his time, nonetheless this (important) detail is not that important for casual listeners. To this day, many violinists still trace back their roots, as teacher - student, to the 'Corelli school'.

Giuseppe Crespi is mostly known as a genre painter, meaning that he depicted daily life (of the time), like ladies searching themselves for fleas. He was born in 1665 and died in 1747. He was named 'the Spanish one' because of his apparently admiration for Spanish fashion, a little detail of his personality. He was also considered a great caricaturist, some of his paintings remind us of that. While not being considered one of the great baroque painters, Crespi is an important player in that game.

1701 - Ecstasy of St Margaret of Cortona
1709 - Village Fair
1710 - The Scullery Maid
1720 - Searcher for Fleas
1720 - The Courted Singer
1725 - Bookshelf

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