You Know You Are Dumbed Down If...

Most of my readers are very intelligent people and the list is growing, that is why I though of creating a list of things that you should not normally do. I hope the following words will help even a single individual to stand up and be his own master. If you feel the list is incomplete, write a comment.

1. ... You 'eat' what the media gives you.
This doesn't apply only to you believing the lies but also adopting their point of view. Who the media doesn't like, you should research not ridicule, who knows what you will really find. Even the alternative media isn't completely innocent, you should question everything they say also. I am basically saying, don't eat the shit they give you!

2. ... You think America stands for freedom, justice and prosperity.
The United States is a country like most other ex large and powerful countries. Arrogant, tyrannical and greedy. A superpower is an example of people living in peace with each other, a superpower is a country that promotes creativity, liberty and justice that has limited military power and relies on diplomacy. Now, America is like a declining Roman Empire with a next to useless Congress. Question everything American representatives (politicians mostly) say, most often you will go left when they say to go right.

3. ... You think your government loves you.
Most of the time politicians are like whores, they do anything for those who pay them while elections are more like beauty contests with no real importance. There are nonetheless smart and trustworthy politicians who most of the time are either attacked or ignored by mainstream media, they almost never get into a government and if they do, they are outnumbered. Also, if you think that your government loves you... you are past being dumbed down.

4. ... You think your government hates you.
No, it's not a contradiction, governments don't judge in love and hate but in useful or useless. If you are useful you are most probably dumbed down. Governments (this also applies to secret/public societies/groups) are machines of extremely good design (regardless of appearances) and that is why most of the time these are often considered a single unit and judged in accordance. You must endlessly let 'them' know that the people have the power while the people must know that power needs responsibility.

5. ... You think secret societies are not real.
Skull and Bones, Freemasonry, Bilderberg, Jesuits, Illuminati, Carbonari and so on (Pythagoras had a secret society). Research them, use Google and/or a good library. People gather and act in secrete if they have something to hide, just think about secret agents during the Cold War or during World War II... or even more recent events. The best way to hide something is to make it public and discredit it. Also, remember the speech Kennedy had against secret societies. Secret societies are not necessarily evil some of the times they hide things from unprepared people, nonetheless, if you want a free and open society, secret societies have to go.

6. ... You tend to believe and do what others or your friends do.
This is the sheep mentality, almost all people want to feel like being part of a group, maybe a reminiscence of our tribal origins, who knows... study anthropology for this, but for now stick to studying some psychology and sociology. Don't be a coward, always argument your thoughts and always think before you act, independently of what others do.

With the risk of making the directions
too complicated, I would add "open can".
8. ... You think people who actually use their brains are not cool.
Being human isn't looking like a dumb fuck at a TV while eating hamburgers made from pig dicks and feeling all macho. A real human uses his mind to help others, to discover, to create, he uses his body to build and to protect. Read good books, listen to good music, watch good movies, what is good? Well, start studying aesthetics.

9. ... You think you are better than someone else.
If you want to feel like a 'superpower' then be a dick with others. If you want to be a 'superpower', be an example to others, you may be better but this doesn't make you better.

10. ... You don't 'Like' this.... Just jocking, you finally know you are dumbed down if after reading the previous nine statements you don't search the web and/or your local library catalog for the things I mentioned (secret societies, aesthetics, psychology, etc.), knowledge is like a tree with (possibly) infinite branches and whatever you might of heard until now, you need knowledge, even to work the land. Act now, be the best you can be, be free and independent.

Damn ! ... I thought something was missing...
All the best to you all.

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