Hassan Rana (visual) and Junoon (audio)

Junoon is a Pakistani Sufi-rock band, actually the only such musical project I know about from Pakistan, that achieved world fame. Their success was far from being the criteria on which I selected them, this is just a recognition of their work and creativity, instead it was something like love at first hearing. I don't understand the lyrics but I can see the beauty. The song Dosti (frindship) was written by Kannan Rashid and is from the album Inquilaab (revolution) released in 1996. The band is no longer active.

Hassan Rana studied fine arts at the National Collage of Arts in Lahore, Pakistan where he specialized in printmaking, however, now I will show you a small selection of his photographs. The first thing I sensed in his works was a type of creativity struggling to get out, the works shown here may seem simple, especially the first four which are part of the 'still life' series, but in fact they obscure a series of meanings and emotions. It may very well be the case of the art critic seeing more (or something else) than the artist intended, but after all, this is what art is. The last three are much more creative and could be an interesting road to take, 'Hope' is my favorite.

Landscape from Neelam Valley, Pakistan

Junoon links: official web
Hassan Rana: flicker, facebook, myshutterspace

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