Vladimir Putin, Russia and the changing world

Two decades ago the world was like a cake, more or less divided in two. The standoff that was the Cold War turned into a victory for one of the players, the United States and the west, the winner takes it all, as the saying goes. We fast forward to the present and find a world in turmoil, economic storms endanger almost all the countries, tensions risk to ignite wars and changes in life style and society represent threats but also opportunities. This article written by Vladimir Putin is a clear statement of what Russia stands for and what Russia will never accept and to be honest it's the best geopolitical analysis that I read for some time.

Russia had a devastating 1990s, a decade that represented for America a form of renaissance by comparison. It lost industry, influence, economy, technology and practically everything else. The emergence of people like Putin made it possible to stop the decline and start an energetic climb to the top. Now Russia needs peace in her immediate vicinity, it needs commerce and trade in order to develop. That's why I now tend to like them, unlike the Americans, they don't want to stay on top by keeping others down and to be honest are far less hypocritical. Putin talks about mostly everything, Asia, North Korea, Iran, Europe, the relationship with the US, the economy, etc.

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