Change, could it be now?

The Iranian national television and the Israeli newspaper Haaretz made public the announcements of both Ali Reza Salari and Ilan Elgar, the ambassador of Iran to Switzerland and of Israel to Switzerland respectively, to officially restart diplomatic relations between the two states. Ahmadinejad and Peres are expected to meet next week in an effort to ease tension and promote dialogue and peace. This drastic turn in Middle Eastern relations has caught many world leaders unprepared and although they have yet to come out with official declarations, they praised the decision. Also, Wikileaks released a document from the 2012 Nuclear Security Summit in which it is explicitly said that in the following decade all major economies will start to reduce military expenditure to under one percent of GDP and heavily invest in research, health and education. This document still has to be confirmed by the countries in question, although people in charge with organizing the event have confirmed that such talks existed.

In my opinion these events would explain why we have politicians and expensive "summits"... but these events are not real, so... sadly, our politicians are useless. I took advantage of the fact that today is April 1st, (an international fools' day, more or less), to write something that I wished to be real. How wonderful would it be if, instead of documents showing what countries to bomb next, all these "forums" would "hide" documents where humanity, development and peace are promoted. Sadly, most of our politicians talk nice and stab us in the back after the press conference. Don't be a spectator, this game is played for your future, get in there and be an activist, let's change these incompetent fools with wise and intelligent people. 

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