Tetro [Movie / 2009]

A couple of weeks ago I watched this movie called Tetro and I found it absolutely great. To be honest it's one of those movies I can't write about, by itself it gives birth to artistic creativity, not critique. The film noir elements are really something I admire (go to: The man who wasn't there) and the fact that the main character is an unsuccessful writer definitely sparked my interest. Vincent Galla is really suited for the role of Tetro. The story is something like this, Tetro, the writer, living the classical life of an artist barely coping with his genius, gets a visit from his brother and in a couple of days things start to boil. Tetro has completely broken all relations with his family, more exactly his father, and finds his younger brother a not so desirable presence. The moment when Bennie, the younger brother, finds Tetro's unfinished book, his own questions start to be answered and truth finds it's way into the lives of both. The director is Francis Ford Coppola. Soundtrack by Dante Anzolini.

Track 2: Love, Angie. Bernardo Monk on saxophone.

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