Going through Prometheus

Let's start with the name, Prometheus is a god credited with the creation of man from clay and for giving fire to humans and by this, defying Zeus. As a consequence he was bound to a rock and an eagle ate his liver every day, while every night his liver grew back, this of course, until Hercules saved him. On the other hand humanity also had to pay for their disobedience to Zeus, and they managed to do that successfully with Pandora (she released all the evils of mankind), the first woman made of clay (it seems that prior to this there were no women on Earth). If we start from this summarized story and throw in 120 million dollars we may even end up with something interesting. The movie Prometheus is nothing like this and I dare to say that only the name and the intro can hint to mythology.

We have a team of scientists on a quest to find the ones who created us and the discovery of a series of drawings around the world helps them to create a map towards a planet where, supposedly, we are invited to go. You know it by now, Ridley Scott didn't make a philosophical work of art here, but it is nonetheless a good movie, I have seen it in IMAX format and maybe in simple 2D format I wouldn't have decided to write something longer than a paragraph. One of the researchers has a cross on a necklace around her neck, yet she believed we were created not by God, but by some extraterrestrial race, as opposed to "three centuries" of Darwinism, as how a fellow team mate puts it. Interesting how they choose to put faith in there. The subject of people finding the reason for why we have been created is fascinating, the way in which it was put on film is only visualy captivating with no spiritual and intellectual challenges for the viewer. 

Movies made in Hollywood and usually by big companies are excellent in their appearance but lack depth. In conclusion a nice film, but not a great one. I even felt it was made just to pave the road for the sequel where hopefully Ridely Scott will put more effort into it.

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