Jack Vettriano (visual) and Suzi Quatro (audio)

All right, since from today I'll change the day when the Duo is published from Monday to Friday I say let's get wild, I have a feeling Duchovny would like this post. For the musical side of things I selected Suzi Quatro with the song entitled "Love Touch" from her 1991 album "Oh, Suzi Q". The song is written by the Bolland brothers who also wrote "Rock Me Amadeus" for Falco and "In the Army Now" for Status Quo. I found it suitable for the images which will follow.
Official site: http://www.suziquatro.com/

Jack Vettriano (Scottish painter) is not very loved by art critiques, some of whom go so far as not even considering him an artist. I don't want to enter into a polemic right now with where I think they are wrong but I will try to do Vettriano some justice. First of all, art developed an impressive array of forms in which it was molded with time and especially during the last two centuries. I like what Vettriano does because it lacks that useless complexity often appreciated in art by art critiques. The artist clearly and firmly expresses his admiration for a vintage and slightly pop influenced world.  His works are sensual and sincere, offering a world of intense love (either erotic or romantic) to the viewer in purely modern "genre" scenes (with people doing everyday things).
Official site: http://www.jackGallery vettriano.com/

If you have someone special, try to have an intense and also calm life together, live it to the fullest, there's no second chance.


The Singing Butler
All Systems Go
Back Where You Belong - 1996
Right Time, Right Place - 1993

Yesterday's Dream

Betrayal, No Turning Back, 2001

Dance Me to the End of Love

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