Mahmoud Farshchian (visual) and Farid Farjad (audio)

Mahmoud (left) and Farid (right)
Iranians have proven time and time again that they are one of the leading cultures which shape the world not through weapons but through beauty, not through destruction but through creation, not through theft but through creativity. If not for the "brain drain", the Iranian nation would of been a source of light and reason in the Middle East, at least. In our "globalizing" times, countries of the world must find a way to foster progress and spiritual development and encourage those individuals blessed with various talents to work for their own countries and by doing so, to push and pull all of humankind from all directions towards a common good. Towards a united world enriched with diversity, not a conquered world struggling with stereotypes.    

Mahmoud Farshchian (محمود فرشچیان) was born on January 24th, 1930 in Isfahan and is considered a master of Persian painting and miniatures. In 2001 a museum dedicated to the artist was inaugurated in Tehran. An excellent site is Farshchian World.

Farid Farjad (فرید فرجاد) was born in 1938 in Tehran. He is a well known Iranian violin player who, with great mastery, combines Persian Folk Music with Classical Western Music.

Both Farid and Mahmoud decided to emigrate to America, their art is nonetheless Iranian at its core and global in importance.


1973 - Maze
1976 - Contrasts in Creation
1982 - Hafez
1984 - Creature of Dreams
1989 - Growth

1988 - Peace on Earth
1993 - Khayyam

1993 - Self Haven
2000 - Golden Tears
2002 - Nocturnal Worship

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