Hesther Van Doornum (visual) and Graveyard (audio)

Graveyard is a Swedish rock band formed in 2006 whose present members are Joakim Nilsson, Rikard Edlund, Axel Sjöberg, Jonatan Ramm. The song presented here is "Hard Time Lovin" from their 2012 album entitled "Lights Out". I absolutely love this album, it's a masterpiece from the first song to the last. It has the classic hooks that make songs go to the top, a warm, bluesy sound and a voice that makes a common front with the instrumental part in overwhelming your auditory cortex. The lyrics are at the bottom of a the article. Enjoy.

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Hesther Van Doornum is a Dutch artist with a captivating "sketch-like" style and adequately used metallic colors.
The compositions, colours and poses personify conscious and subconscious archetypes; they symbolize the search for the inner self and thereby serve as metaphors for the various aspects of life, such as love, sadness, silence and tranquillity.  Emotions, experiences and life stories can be clearly recognized in this imagery.
As you will see, her portraits are created with the intention of conveying a particular feeling or emotion to the viewer, depending on the work.  This, in my perspective, makes her artworks very adapted to the present aesthetic paradigm where most seek straightforwardness and minimalism.

Hesther on symbols:
Consciously and subconsciously symbols feed the artistic creative process. In traditional cultures art often has a purely symbolic meaning and thereby expresses the beliefs and aspirations of communities. This is different in Western cultures; due to the growth of individualism in art, art has lost a part of this more explicit symbolic aim. Symbols, however, have continued to play a role in art in various ways as an expression of archetypal themes, an application of traditional images or a means of giving form to personal messages. 

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After Midnight

In the shade

In plain sight




Daydream II

Daydream IV


Darling, I'm leaving now,
But it's only for a while.
It won't seem so long once I'm back into your arms.
Each night I go to bed
Wishing I was at home, next to you.

I know you wonder what I do when I'm gone,
'cause, honey,
I know what you have heard
And I know what people say
And sure I've tasted fruit of many kind.
Once I had a piece of you
There was on me for nothing else.

Stay with me and see what tomorrow brings
'cause, baby, I know those days I let you down
We'll make it through, through these hard times.

Oh, baby, you and me are the same,
Slightly used and damaged, that's okay.
I even think it's good, no matter what they say
'cause they got you here today, right here with me.

It was something in your eyes
That made it clear.
I knew that he was right, not a shadow of doubt
When I felt your touch.

I know those days I let you down,
But we're gonna get through these hard times
See what tomorrow brings,
Will you love me and stay with me forever?
The pieces came together,
The point is that the people have failed by last careers,
No more faces passing by.

I know those days I let you down,
But we're gonna get through these hard times
See what tomorrow brings,
Please love me, as they will live forever.
I got no need for no one else, no one else.

Once I got a piece of you, there was no need for nothing else,
No one else.

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