MOC, my new music player in Ubuntu

First of all I want to wish a happy new year with accomplishments, inner peace and constant development for all my readers, followers and friends from this blog, my twitter account and facebook, whom I know in person, through the net or don't know at all.

Now let's begin with something new for "Thoughts in Perspective", the first post in a series centered around the Ubuntu/Linux operating system.

I enjoy listening to music, and like me are many. In my years of using Ubuntu I have tried a great number of music players although in the end only three ended in lasting more than a month, with Banshee lasting the longest. The other two are Rhythmbox and Clementine.

Recently I was searching for a more basic yet powerful program and found "mocp", a console audio player. If you are using Windows you might not know what a console audio player might be... hell, if you are using Windows you might not know why you are reading this... except only if you are thinking about switching to Linux in which case I say DO IT.

I absolutely love MOCP, it has everything you need, and for me that's playing the music and the ability to create a playlist and navigate your folders. I have around ten thousand music files and had no difficulty in navigating through them. It also has a mixer, an equalizer, the ability to show lyrics and to play online radio (although I never tried it).

To install write : sudo apt-get install moc (in your terminal). To start the program, also in the terminal, write " mocp ", for help press " h ", happy listening.

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