Passing Thought: Path

You've traded your chains for handcuffs and now you pride yourself to others while they look at you with envy, there is a way for all of us however few have the courage to walk their untraveled path.

Ți-ai schimbat lanțurile pentru cătușe, bucuros le porți prin mulțime și mulțimea te invidiază, există o cale pentru toți însă puțini au curajul să meargă pe un drum neumblat.

زنجیرهایی تو از دستبندهای سرد تبدیل کرده ای. سربلند می شوی وآنها حسادت می کنند. یک راه برای همه مردم است اما چند از آنها تجاعت دارند روی راه آنها بروند

Finished reading "Thus Spoke Zarathustra", including the daunting forth part.  Assimilating the text was harder then I anticipated mainly because I approached the work with distrust (a distrust on my apparent understanding of it) based on the long tradition of misunderstanding Nietzsche with special attention to the idea of "Overman", as it might of been obvious, and to Nietzsche's perception of humans with their society and culture.

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