Late Night Post #8

Earth Could Not Answer - by Adelaide Hanscom (1875-1931)

  - by Mohammad Reza Shajarian
This meadow is our happiness just today,
but who will play in the meadow of our dust?
Omar Khayyam

چون ابر به نوروز رخ لاله بشست
بر خیز و به جام باده کن عزم درست
کاین سبزه که امروز تماشا گه توست
فردا همه از خاک تو بر خواهد رست

ابر آمد و زار بر سر سبزه گریست
بی بادۀ گلرنگ نمیشاید زیست
این سبزه که امروز تماشا گه ماست
تا سبزۀ خاک ما تماشا گه کیست

Omar Khayyam; the hedonist; the mystic ;the heretic ;the sufi by Sophia Khan
Quatrain 6 by Barney Rickenbacker

Late Night Though

Many years ago I had the habit of walking alone at night through the most obscure of places and through some unexplained innocence I felt protected from any kind of harm. All I had with me was a small poetry book, a CD player and an old mobile phone. During those walks I wrote down my thoughts in the phone in the form of verses, I was in a bubble floating through the streets, I was observing but unperceived. Moments of pure madness in which I declared myself a refugee, a rebel in a world of illusions, a soul forever in conflict with diversions.

Time passed and that teenage rebellion morphed into a strong desire to learn and to know God. Slowly, I was forced to accept this world's cold embrace and bow down to her will. Wherever you go, God is with you.  

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