Late Night Post #10

Image from an artwork by Matteo Cattonar

How bright the flame is, twisting round my finger, shivering and trembling. How can I stop the fever for if I will descend the stairs to see the rivers of silver I will be blinded from the entrance.

The question is how to change one's life in order to incorporate one's ideals and give a sense of permanent happiness, let me rephrase, and actually give permanent happiness. Baudelaire comes to my mind with one of his poems, we should "Get drunk and stay that way. / On what? / On wine, poetry, virtue, whatever. / But get drunk". Compromises are like weights for the soul, the more of them you make the fatter you feel, I know because I've made some myself. The world as it is doesn't come with a helping hand, most of the times it just kicks you back into place, but that's alright 'cause in the end only the strong survive. I am your helping hand fellow travelers through this world of the absurd.

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