Late Night Post #9

Self portrait by Ella Ruth

- One Man Tango by Axel Manrico Heilhecker from the album "Fishmoon"

In the backyard of your house, a small stream is flowing, a stream that acts as the blood of society. You will rarely be conscious of it but it's water is priceless.

Our world is composed of segregated groups who no longer talk to each other or tolerate each other. We managed to arrive here in around ten years of important technological developments in the field of, ironically, communication. Our mentalities are unleashed, petty instincts dictate our actions, obsessions dictate our motives. What is to be done? Learn to refrain, to see yourself as a vehicle of change, if you can't build, at least don't destroy.

There are links connecting all of us, it would be foolish to poison these streams that nourish our lives, this however is exactly what we do, usually out of ignorance or unmanaged feelings.

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