Filler : Francesco Clemente

by Francesco Clemente
Italian contemporary artist born on 23 March, 1952.


Austra and Francesca

Today we will explore a vibrating electronic world envisioned by Austra together with the photo manipulation works of Francesca "Oedipa Drake".


Austra is a Canadian electronic music band consisting of Katie Stelmanis (vocals, keyboard), Maya Postepski and Dorian Wolf. The song is from their Olympia album released in June 18, 2013 and is entitled "Painful like". What attracted me to this song was its bombastic feel, somehow reminding me of Michael Jackson's "Bad". The vocals are clearly resembling Bjork, but to be fair this vocal style gained some amount of popularity. In case you don't understand the lyrics I've wrote them down for you at the end of the article, after the photo gallery. The song has its charm even without paying much attention to the words.

Respect the band, buy the album. Link: http://www.austramusic.com/

Francesca "Oedipa Drake"

Opulent and extravagant in ideas, combative in rendition and sometimes contemplative, this is how I see "Oedipa" or more exactly this is what I have chosen to see in her. An artist of the digital age, she has chosen a variety of subjects with which to express herself and so doing realized some very impressive works. What particularly caught my attention are "Traveling and Dreaming" and "Waiting at the Airport" so I have situated them at the beginning and the end of her gallery.

Link: DeviantArt page / Her blog

Late Night Post #13


Bon Jovi - It's my life / acoustic version

When I first listened to this version of the song a few years ago I was lying down on the sand at the beach with my headphones on and watching the waves crashing to the ground. It was a hot day, sunny and joyful, quite different from the snow and cold of today. This song, so different from what most people listen to on vacations, I suppose, somehow gave me almost four minutes of... something different.

A couple of children were playing near the water, trying to catch in little buckets some small fish. Someday they too will grow, in their own different ways. Who will they be, in what will their soul transform and what will their heart finally end up embracing. I'm not the one to answer such questions but I sure do feel like asking them... to whom... to nobody, to anyone who can hear.

Today I walked on someone else's footsteps and climbed to the heights of despair. With freezing winds and bustling streets, bellow, is where we are still moving forth. I passed by my own self, my old self and felt so strange. Let's grow, let's change, remaining young for always.


Passing Thoughts: Worthy Things to Share

Vatican Museum, Rome, Italy / copyright John Kehaylas
I remember going down these very same stairs, what wonderful memories. Staring at all the art and history that palace of knowledge has to offer makes you wish you'd had the entire place for yourself. But it's better to share that which you consider worthy otherwise there will be no more worthy things at all.

Bringing Christianity together

On December 1st, Pope Francis met with Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew I in Istanbul and apparently the Pope bowed down to the Patriarch in order to receive his blessing. This moment impresses me with its symbolism and humility but it might signal, above all, a turning point in the evolution of the Christian religion. The Pope himself said that the Orthodox and Catholic Churches will not submit to nor assimilate the other and will, instead, work towards the restoration of full Communion. A meeting with the Russian Church Patriarch Kirill was also mentioned however its planning has yet to begin.