Daniel Mullen

I will start this new section entitled "Contemporary" with a Scottish artist named Daniel Mullen. At present he is settled in the Netherlands but prior to this he followed the courses of Rudolf Steiner School in Edinburgh from 1995 till 2003. Between 2006 and 2011 he completed his education by joining the Gerrit Rietveld Academy in Amsterdam.

"I make images that deal with space as potential while questioning how this can be represented."

What I find noteworthy in his works, beyond their aesthetic appeal, is that I see them as logical representations of a geometric world. There is little room for the organic and unstable. Personally I look at the paintings and try to piece the images together because I see something very familiar in them.

2012 - The Architect - oil on raw canvas

2013 - Rendering the fundamentals - oil on canvas

2013 - Subliminal - oil on canvas

2013 - The Architects Retreat - oil on canvas

2014 - Oscillating Perspective - oil on canvas

2014 - Pandora's Utopia - oil on canvas

2014 - Rendering layers - oil on canvas

2014 - Repetition in movement - oil on canvas

2014 - Rising Utopia - oil on canvas

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