Drew Darcy and Emika

Another Duo dedicated to the universal emotion of lust. The hardest to control and the easiest way to descent into the abyss if that is what you wish. The artistic merit of the paintings is overshadowed by the direct subject matter. The music, a soundtrack for the distressed. The whole, a union of feelings. 


Respect the artist, buy the album

Emika was born on 8 January 1986 and her real name is Ame Jolly. She is an English singer of Czech origin who at present resides in Berlin. After an education in classical music she began to be interested in electronic music offering an input of high quality to the genre. The song is from her second album entitled Dva and released in 2013.


Drew Darcy

An artist from the United Kingdom, born in Birmingham, who combines his talent in visual arts with music. Of the two arts I found his paintings to be, at the moment, the most expressive. He has an excellent technical ability regarding the use of light and shadow and the rendering of drapery.


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