Passing Thought : Wozniak and Artificial Intelligence

Steve Wozniak, co-founder of Apple, said during a public speech at the Freescale Technology Forum 2015 in Austin, Texas, that robots will keep humans as some sort of pets, not to unbalance the natural ecosystem. What I have found out so far is that he financed an AI company and that he previously referred to this possible future as "our biggest existential threat". The Bilderberg meeting held this year (11-14 June, Telfs-Buchen, Austria) had artificial intelligence as part of the subjects of discussion. What they talked or decided we don't know because this isn't an open and democratic organization. We can, however, see the effects. I don't know if Wozniak was invited or subscribes to the group, just found it intriguing.


aPaD : Luis Ricardo Falero

.: artist : Luis Ricardo Falero :.
.: country : Spain :.
.: title of work : The Moon Nymph :.
.: year : 1883 :.
.: comment : Luis Falero was born in Granada in 1851, he studied art in Paris and then settled in London where he died in 1896 at just 45 years of age. His work is centered around nudes which he uses in different subjects ranging from mythology to orientalism and allegories. :.


Passing Thought : Why militarization?

My question is straightforward, why Risc a nuclear war for Ukraine? Why is America so eagerly wanting to protect a country largely split in two with huge problems with corruption and organized crime and above all, a country that isn't a NATO member? Why this offensive against a formerly "friend", Russia? American propaganda is running wild in Eastern European countries, it seems the US wants to create public support for such beligerant attitudes. Let's hope humanity will prevail and this demonic plan will fail.

aPaD : Megan Duncanson

.: artist : Megan Duncanson :.
.: title : Under the light of the Moon :.

 A Painting a Day


Filler : Giovanni Boldini

.: artist : Giovanni Boldini :.
.: title : Spanish dancer at the Moulin Rouge :.
.: year : 1905 :.


Late Night Post #18 : True to yourself

حسام‌الدین سراج - تصنیف گام زمان

To be truthful to others and remain true to yourself. The way in which we relate to others is deeply rooted in the image we have of ourselves. When I say image I'm not talking about self-esteem, although that's also an important factor, I'm talking about the masks we do not have while watching ourselves in the mirror. This mirror is life, it's God's light reflected upon us and if our faces are covered and the mirrors are dirty that light may not reach us or it may be distorted.


Russian and American symbolism

Most countries are built on myths, almost unanimously accepted as culturally and socially binding. Symbols, apart from myths, play an important role in shaping the perception one has in relation to authority, at least on a theoretical level. In practice not many people pay attention to the symbols around them and the degree in which we process them on the unconscious level can be debated. Symbols are codes and in order to decode these you need the key and depending on your own development and cultural background you may unlock different meanings although rarely contradictory.


Late Night Post #17 : Bad movie

    Last night I was in the mood to watch a new science fiction movie so I prowled the net in search for something. I am eagerly expecting the new Stargate trilogy announced but until then (God knows when that will happen) my appetite needed to be appeased. Found something starring Nicolas Cage but being and admirer I was expecting something at least moderately good.


Milan Expo 2015 : Russia

The pavilion of the Russian Federation has the title "Growing for the world. Cultivating for the future". The concept for the pavilion was created by the leading architectural bureau "Speech" ld by Sergei Choban, Alexei Ilin and Marina Kuznetskaya. The building has an area of 3260 sq.m.
The page of the architectural bureau.


G7 - 2015 - Germany

    This article was written just as Angela Merkel was holding a press conference at the G7. Just now Merkel wished all the success for the Bilderberg meeting, responding to the final question if she will attend the event. Obviously she will not because she is only implementing the decisions taken there.
    This G7 is a charade, a farce paid with our money. When Russia was a member in the G8 it was some sort of containment of the federation, now it's just like a gang meeting with everyone agreeing to agree and taking decisions with far reaching effects.
    The discussions should be televised with civil society taking an active role in questioning the actions and the directions decided by the group. If we are to be truly democratic this is the only way. Obama wants to garner support for his administration's plans regarding Ukraine, he is in absolutely no position to ask for such a thing, it would be, in fact, a lack of respect.

From the Past : Rain gods and spirits

Qu Yuan by Chen Hongshou
     The Chinese have the Yu Shi, the Master of Rain 1 . This spirit is mentioned in the Chuci (songs of Chu) in the poem "Yuan You" traditionally considered to have been written by Qu Yuan. The name means "distant journey". The Chuci collection of texts was composed during the Han period by Liu Xiang and brings together many other authors.
    Of slightly more renown is the Middle Eastern "super"-god Baal who is also mentioned in the Old Testament and in the Quran after which he received attention in various types of books from theological to esoteric to fiction.
    The term "ba'al" is actually semitic and means "lord" or "master", in Akkadian it would be "Belu" and can be applied to various gods and even to humans. In order to be more specific, the actual god of thunderstorms was called by his priests "Hadad" and also received the designation of lord of Heaven. The Cannanites had a Baal-Hadad deity. Somewhere along the way Baal became for Abrahamic religions Beelzebub, "lord of the flies".
    Greek mythology is more straightforward and less cryptic. The Nephelae, beautiful young women, nymphs, bring rain to the Earth and feed the rivers.