G7 - 2015 - Germany

    This article was written just as Angela Merkel was holding a press conference at the G7. Just now Merkel wished all the success for the Bilderberg meeting, responding to the final question if she will attend the event. Obviously she will not because she is only implementing the decisions taken there.
    This G7 is a charade, a farce paid with our money. When Russia was a member in the G8 it was some sort of containment of the federation, now it's just like a gang meeting with everyone agreeing to agree and taking decisions with far reaching effects.
    The discussions should be televised with civil society taking an active role in questioning the actions and the directions decided by the group. If we are to be truly democratic this is the only way. Obama wants to garner support for his administration's plans regarding Ukraine, he is in absolutely no position to ask for such a thing, it would be, in fact, a lack of respect.

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