Late Night Post #18 : True to yourself

حسام‌الدین سراج - تصنیف گام زمان

To be truthful to others and remain true to yourself. The way in which we relate to others is deeply rooted in the image we have of ourselves. When I say image I'm not talking about self-esteem, although that's also an important factor, I'm talking about the masks we do not have while watching ourselves in the mirror. This mirror is life, it's God's light reflected upon us and if our faces are covered and the mirrors are dirty that light may not reach us or it may be distorted.

Modern man is only marginally spiritual and because of this he neglects the most important aspect in life. Consumerism got the better of us but while maintaining economic prosperity, very unstable as we have seen, it distanced ourselves from true happiness. Sadly, those who did not feel this kind of happiness at least once in their lives will find it difficult to relate to such overly used terms, and so, spirituality is on a descending spiral towards the mundane.

If you are confused, don't jump to the first religion you see, don't embrace exotic beliefs just because of their "strangeness". Study them, learn from them, then let your heart decide because when you will reach a sufficient spiritual level it all will become clear and the confusion will cease. Try to achieve the human status, it's hard work. At times it will position you against the behavior of most of society's members, depending on your own social position and cultural environment. Things will settle sooner or later but you will need patience.

If you are not confused and enjoy a pretty decent life, maybe even have wealth, employing others to do the things you don't like and accepting the pleasures and thrills life can bring then you are in a difficult position. Not much of anything can be done if there isn't a seed in yourself but if that seed exists you will have to compensate for the "easiness" of it all by studying, traveling and helping others.

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