Nightly Poem #15 : Ideas / Ideile

Banii, anii, viețile și morțile
se duc, se intorc si se-nvârt
ca într-un film halucinant și mut.
Se pierd florile pe câmp,
se prind ideile în gând. 

Money, years, lives and deaths
they come, they go and swirl
like in an old and silent movie.
Flowers are withering in the fields
as ideas in our thoughts take roots.

photo by Alberto Polo Iañez (http://albertopoloianez.deviantart.com/)


Late Night Post #19 : Justice

Emblemata Nova by Andreas Friedrich. Engravings by Jaques de Zettre. Published by Lucas Jennis in Frankfurt, 1617

Arcade Fire - Culture War

     What if you could make right something that is unjust, what if you can, from the beginning, stop the injustice to take place. But... what is injustice? Having your rights trampled on, this is injustice, being cheated, this is unjust. The world as it is revolves around one main thing, the strong trample the rights and the lives of the weak. Considering we are all brothers and sisters this is the ultimate injustice. However not all consider themselves our brothers and so they walk on others like walking on weeds or better said, they themselves are weeds.

   This isn't a complicated issue, true things usually end up being simple, the difficulty lies in positioning yourself correctly in order to see the problem objectively. From the treatment of other nations to the mundane examples of violence among people we, humans, place ourselves on the lowest step of the ladder that leads to the heavens, the step closest to hell. But how can we climb upwards when everyone seem to go down, in waves after waves. Unsurprisingly, this has absolutely no influence.