Time and money

.: artist : Salvador Dali :. .: title : Persistence of Memory :. .: year : 1931 :. .: style : surealism :. .: observation : the clocks symbolize the relativity of space/time :.
There are work places where you feel like in a complicated relationship. You would like to quite but you insist on waiting for the other one to make the first move, to say: you know what, everything was nice but you should move on. And so, you, trying to mask that joy which the other one tries not to notice reply that you`re sorry and that's it. I don`t know if you`re in this situation, maybe yes, maybe no.


Syrian update

Syrian refugee camp in Yarmouk, photo by Associated Press
Syrian President Bashar al-Assad declared recently that Turkey and Saudi Arabia tried to enter with their armies into Syria for the past two years. Various militant/terrorist groups operating in that country are known to be supported by the ruling elite in Turkey and Saudi Arabia while the legitimate government is allied with Russia, Iran and China.

Regarding this situation, Michael McFaul, former US ambasador to Russia, posted on twitter that "Putin is winning in Syria" on 12 February. He followed up his first remark with: "Creating facts on the ground beneficial to his Syrian ally". McFaul is in present a professor of political science at Stanford University.