Here you can find a short list of the main sections which along with the search function, the categories and the archive offered on the bottom of the page should ease navigation on this site and hopefully improve your stay here. If you click on the animated sequence below the site's name you will be sent to my facebook page, if you click on the actual name of the site you will be sent to the main page.

Duo -

One of the longest running sections on the site and also the most successful, it explores humanity through creativity. All articles in this section play a double role, first as a guide to help the reader unleash his own artistic creativity and second to promote the artists themselves, who may be either well known or new.
Mind -

The other point of interest is related to thinking. The "Mind" section offers readers articles and presentations on various philosophical and sometimes religious subjects. This segment is actually a general one, also containing other two discontinued subsections, "Utopian Dystopia" and "The Real Sins"
Late Night Post -

The "Late Night Post" is a special series owing its inception to my high-school years. It's an informal exploration of the world as it is, often enriched by uncensored thought.
From the Past -

As the name implies this is the section where we discover our history. Going hand in hand with philosophy and art, past actions and events, with all the effects caused by them, are crucial to our understanding and development.

Passing Thought -

Sometimes I let my thoughts run wild as a way to explore my subconscious. By lowering various mental barriers from time to time I find new perspectives on things. It originated as a trimmed down "Late Night Post".
Nightly Poem -

After writing for years in my native language I have finally decided to expand my horizons by also embracing English in my poetic work. My aim is to offer my soul the best way of expressing itself.

Filler -

Having a blog that typically requires daily input of a higher quality is no easy task when you barely have enough time as it is. The filler section is not some type of substandard writing because as you will see, there isn't much writing.

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