New World - Why Change?

I will leave aside prophecies like the Revelation and Nostradamus in this article because i would like to cover the subject of a `new world` only through our immediate reality through things like society, history, politics, science.

I would like to begin by saying that through the course of history humanity had a number of periods of change, in fact in a more linear perspective, our history, the present and the future is in permanent change and times of stagnation do not actually exist. Even so, we can find periods when change is in the air, when old institutions are torn down to make room for new ones.

Our present is often described to be a transition between the old and the new. At our current position we do not have a clear view of `what was` because we are still living in it and we can`t see the future, but we could guess. Many make an error trying to say that `change` is only on a spiritual level, this is just one part of what being human means, and neglect things like society, technology, even behavior and politics. Also we must try to investigate why we change.

Things like scientific breakthrough drive our current society and most likely technology will be the base of the future. Space travel will soon bring a new dimension in our lives, just like the age of discovery forever marked the face of humanity. We will not be able tomorrow to travel to other planets, but in a couple of hundreds of years this will be like traveling from Berlin to Beijing and back. Cloning and genetics are also two very debated subjects. The idea of a human clone is hard to grasp by many of us, primarily because of our religious background and ethics. Even for me is hard to imagine being face to face with `me` and cloning people just for their organs is nothing more than genocide, anybody seen The Island?

Those are two scientific changes that will and begin to have an impact, we will now talk about changes in our society that are not directly linked to science. Think of aliens, a couple of decades ago martians were the subject of many sci-fi movies and books and the subject was never thought to be `serious`. Now things have changed, hardly no one dismisses the existence of extra-terrestrials, we just need to find them. The literature on this subject is vast, take your pick. Now think of God, here the New Age movement claims its right to be the spirituality of the future, a theory that i do not share. This is a vast subject so i will leave it for a standalone article.

There are a great number of other elements that can and will influence change, we should not forget the role of politics and politicians which rarely act in favor of humanity. The action of `change` is in nobody`s hands, instead the secret is in all of us, we dictate how the future looks like.


Alexandra said...

Excellent! Well said

Florin Cosma said...

Thank you for your comment.