Măgura sculpture park

În Buzău County, Romania, EU, near Ciolanu Monastery, the Măgura sculpture park was organized from 1970 to 1986. Here, U.A.P. (Artists Union) and U.T.C. (Young Communists Union) managed to make a productive and creative environment. The yearly camps held in August and September were not united by a main theme, and surprisingly, the communist rule did not intervene with the artists choices.

Many young artists found it difficult to enter the art market without some experience to push them forward, also, important state commissions could not be possible without participation to these kind of camps. There is no coincidence why this camp and a series of others from all over Romania started in the early 70s. Romania enjoyed an open society in that period, at least for a communist state. In 1968 Ceausescu opposed the invasion of Czechoslovakia and doing so it opposed the Soviet Union and the Warsaw Pact allies, good relations with the US helped.

This camp was, and i could say, still is the largest in Europe, comprising more than 250 works of art, many of them true masterpieces. From a stylistic perspective it continues the developments started by Brâncuși.

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Alexandra said...

Maybe you will try to write some name of the most important sculptors that participated in this artistic camp.