About Humanity, a few ideas

Our species is shaped by war, by conflict, but also by the pursuit of knowledge and progress. Our instinct of self conservation creates every so often the environment for evolution. These are the two sides of the coin, destruction and creation, forces that try to dominate one another but end up in a delicate balance.

I've been asking myself what is the future of humanity and unlike many others, I see progress. The wars that are present in every decade of our history end up pushing humanity forward. I am not an advocate of war, and do be frank, it would be hard for me to embrace such a theory with bombs flying around, but this seems to be the truth. For humans, death is normal, although not wanted, you can also think about the spring-fall cycle.

Science and technology seem to be growing at a faster and faster rate, giving us new opportunities for the future and solutions to present problems, at least this is the theory. It is not an easy thing to admit, but the vast majority of humans seem distant from the road of progress. It is true that the world needs not only researchers and university teachers, as examples of well educated people, and letting the machines do the ”dirty” work is far too early for our present stage of evolution. In most countries the economic and political environments do not value the mind, in this way many do not achieve their full potential.

We should not discriminate people because of their education. You may not see this now, but wait a few decades, the world could be torn in two, not based on race or wealth, but on education and access to it. I must admit that knowledge is not like falling in love, at least for most people, it is a tree you must take care of for a long time before the fruits start to appear. We must learn from history and learn to appreciate one another, not doing so will mean the end of the human race, sooner or later.

This conflict between the ones who control and those controlled is present from East to West. Just read my article about How to manipulate man. I am confident that the human mind will prevail and we will be free of the stupidity of one dominating the other, this could be just an utopia, but i like to think that not only the ”bad” things can be real. This first two problems, knowledge and access to it and the relation ruler-subject, are all based on instincts that helped us survive harsh times in our development, don't forget, even as a child you are under the control of your parents, in a way at least. The primitive human societies managed to survive because the strong got the power and knew how to use it.

If we talk about democracy we are in a predicament. Officially the people have the power and their leaders are only elected as a type of spokesmen who end up not representing the people, but the interests of different groups. We can see a cycle forming and breaking it is hard, but necessary.

Humanity must go through a real revolution to survive the things to come, we must rethink our mentality and our position in this universe. This is a hard task, but I am confident we will eventually be successful. Until then, let us individually try to surpass ourselves and whatever our jobs are, do not let the mind and soul die.


Alexandra said...

very good ideas, but maybe u have to think that the access to a good education was a problem even for the people in the past, this goal to achieve was one of the request of the french revolution.

Florin Cosma said...

Yes, and not only the French Revolution had this goals, the problem is that implementing such noble ideas is damn hard. The solution lies in man, the ones that do not want more from life end up not having a life. Great things have been made, literacy rates are high for example, but what is the use of it if the next generation could be marked by a lower interest in ”knowledge”. After learning the alphabet, children must learn to think.