Binho Martins

1. How did your life as an artist began? Tell us the first things that influenced you to go on this road.
My artist life began 5 years ago, when me and other friends began to see street art in our city.
I was influenced by some street artists from my city, such as: SHN, A firma and Nipe.


5. What are the main themes and how do you feel people react to your work?

The main theme is positivity. I think that people feel good with my art work. I always try to pass something good for people.


7. Does an artist express a national/cultural identity or is he a ”global citizen” expressing the universal characteristics of humanity? How do you see yourself in this regard?

Brazil is a country with a very diversificate culture and nowadays with internet presents everyday in ours life I think it´s impossible an artist don’t be influenced by other cultures, or only express your national identity. I think this is very good, because people need to learn about everything, about all and about every cultures.


10. What are the main characteristics of your paintings?

I always try to pass some positive message, I think this is my characteristic. Today it´s present in my art work some plastics elements such as: yellow tones, nature elements (organic lines), creative faces (figurative), etc.

11. What medium do you prefer, canvas or the computer?

The two methods have good and bad sides. I work all day long in front of a computer, this is tiring but I like it. I also like canvas because of the texture it has.

This interview will be extended in the next issue of Awil-um Magazine (August-September 2010)

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