Adrian Păunescu, rest in peace

Today, in the morning of Friday 5th, 2010, Adrian Păunescu, a well known Romanian poet, politician and journalist died because of heart problems. He was active during Ceausescu's presidency with Flacăra, the name of a magazine and a show held in different cities and towns where people attended folk and pop concerts, offering to the young Romanians a chance to be free in a difficult period for the nation. With this tragic event I once again realized the fragility of our lives and the importance of doing good and helping others. Personally I found in him a model and artist that knew how to talk directly with the soul of the listener, something that in this day and age is rarely achieved.

(20 July 1943 – 5 November 2010)

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Alexandra said...

I also remember his poems that I use to listen them every time when I went to Sighisioara. Here, every year, is a medieval festival and various artists sing folk. His poems served to accompany this kind of music and for that my youth will always be bound with his artistic creations. Rest in peace!