Change in Egypt?

I want to start by saying that every individual should have the possibility to live a decent life, there is room on the planet for all. It is sad that in the 21st century people still have to fight for progress and  prosperity. Mubarak is a great leader and to be honest, the protests that are being held these days came as a surprise for me, I never thought that the Egyptian people were so disappointed with their government. My belief is that all these events that take place simultaneously in Tunis, Egypt, Yemen and Jordan, are coordinated by some higher/foreign power.

Egypt has potential, just like every country, and personally I expect to see great improvements there in the next decade. A true democratic system would help a great deal because the social developments need political changes to go along. Also, the United States should learn how to let other countries be free, I don't know if all these protests are a result of reduced American influence or, more likely, CIA involvement, but we can clearly see that the West wants Mubarak to step down, although, a month ago he was an important ally of the West. We will see how the events play out.


Rethinking Prices

Let's say you go to a hypermarket to buy a few things like groceries, clothes, a TV and a rubber duck for the bath tub. They all have prices with which you more or less agree so why not see how much the products cost to be built (the average pay of the workers, cost of raw materials, transportation, etc). I believe that this type of information would improve consumer awareness and will give everyone the possibility to put an end to "modern slavery" (insane amount of work hours with almost no pay). My belief is that people will think twice if they should buy a product that was made by those living on 10 euros per month.

I don't know if this type of thinking is implemented anywhere but if it is, please share your facts.


Ain't no grave by Johnny Cash

This song is from the album American VI: Ain't No Grave, from 2010. You can search the net to buy it or do it the old fashion way, drive to the record store... or just download it. What I think about this song does not mater, just enjoy it, let the lyrics flow through your blood like alcohol, light a cigarette and listen... listen... 

The emotional intensity of Cash's performance is something unique. Nobody who ever played this song even came close to the true essence of its message.


Kazimieras Seselgis

You can read the interview with artist Kazimieras Seselgis in Awil-um Magazine 4.

1. How did your life as an artist began?
I'm not sure. I used to make photos or paintings as long as I can remember but it was simply my reaction to the surroundings. A few years ago something changed, I started to look at my inner world and see that it's possible to show connection with things that are all around us.

5. What are the main themes and how do you feel people react to your work? 
People often praise my sense of art in landscape photography. There are times when I make conceptual or macro photos but usually those are not for everyone. But generally I'm interested in various photography genres.