Writers Wanted!

AWIL Magazine is growing and it needs your help, the present writers are Michael Johnson, Dănilă Alexandra, Hristofor Hrisoskulov and I, Florin Cosma. Starting with the 6th issue a couple of people said they want to get involved, but for this project to continue its development we would need at least three more writers.

First we are searching for somebody who enjoys literature in order to write reviews of books, either new or old and to ”track down” young writers that did not publish their works ”on paper” yet, the Internet is a great treasure chest.

Second we would like to get in touch with someone who is interested in open source software/culture along with the ”sharing culture” spin-off.

Third, if you like to start a career in writing you might think of gathering news for AWIL Magazine, these should range from politics to science, from art to history (archaeological discoveries and so on). This activity will prove useful in tackling future writing positions.

We are searching for people that have ideas and know how to defend them. This magazine is free, it promotes knowledge, development and cooperation. It is written by people that enjoy cultural diversity and understand that we are all one. Through understanding our world, we understand ourselves and begin to stand on our own feet.

All the best,
Florin Cosma

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