Osama is dead

Obama confirmed, Osama is dead. What does this mean for the world? In the first place, justice has not been done, killing the head of Al-Qaeda was made without a trial, and although the trial would of been "artificial", it would of given the impression that the West is fighting for justice and freedom for all, now they only fueled more terrorist attacks and made bin Laden a martyr.

It seems that Osama was shot in the head, good aiming for what was reported as heavy fighting, it also looks like the US soldiers did not have orders to bring him alive because if they had, they would not of shot him dead. This actually is not so important, what we should talk about is the fact that America is continuing a policy of destruction.

If you plant bombs in the ground you must expect mushroom clouds to rise, it can't get more simple than this. All the money used to build rockets would do wonders for the development of humanity. If people have work, food, a home, if their children have schools and a loving environment, would they choose war, death, hunger, suffering?

Killing a man will never be a good thing. What the world should do is light a candle for all those killed on all sides, because they all acted in blindness, and put down the instruments of death. I did not forget 9/11 but I also did not forget Guantanamo; the 1949 CIA backed military coup in Syria; the 1953 CIA backed coup overthrowing the Mossadeq government of Iran, that made the Shah, Mohammed Reza Pahlevi, ruler of an absolute monarchy; in 1963 US supported a coup by the Ba'ath party (see Saddam Hussein) to overthrow the Qassim regime; and examples could continue, better left for a history lesson.

PS. in May 2010, Attorney General Eric Holder told Congress that Osama bin Laden will never face trial because he will not be captured alive.

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