MICHAUD, Michael - Contact with Alien Civilizations

Humanity was never alone, it had its gods, angels, demons, but wanting to understand life forms that are not from this planet is something very new, through this we might even learn some things about us.

"Over the millennia, our thinking about extraterrestrials has evolved from metaphysical speculation to scientifically testable hypotheses. Yet we still have no proof. At the philosophical and scientific levels, the most durable feature of the controversy has been the split between “Copernicans,” who argue that Humankind does not occupy a special place in the universe, and “Aristotelians,” who believe that we do. During the Enlightenment, philosophical speculations wrestled with another fundamental question. If there are intelligent beings beyond the Earth, some of them might be more intellectually advanced than we are. How, then, could Man be the measure of all things?"

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