An Introduction to Philosophy by George Stuart Fullerton

This book was published for the first time in 1906 and this means that more than one century passed. What could it possibly have to offer for those wanting to embrace philosophy, because, let's be honest, the last one hundred years can't be overlooked... in any field. George Stuart Fullerton was an American philosopher and psychologist. He graduated in 1879 from the University of Pennsylvania and in 1884 from Yale Divinity School. Fullerton is considered a realist, among his books I mention:  A Plain Argument for God (1889), On Sameness and Identity (1890), The Philosophy of Spinoza (1894) and A System of Metaphysics (1904). He died in 1925 due to health problems caused by 4 years of imprisonment in Austria during the first world war.

Coming back to the question of what has this introduction to philosophy so special, I can only say that from a general perspective much of what philosophy is, was created during antiquity although there are a number of new discoveries in the field and many detailed analyzes of older concepts and ideas. It's a great book and easy to understand. This is also a free/public domain ebook, so another reasons I chose it is for it's 'legality', feel free to share the text to anyone you wish.

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