Michael Manalo (visual) and Will Holland (audio)

It's time for another incursion into our artistic souls, people, so close the lights and lean back on the chairs or couch or whatever, start the following song and continue down, down on the road. This time is Michael Manalo and Will Holland.

Quantic with the song "Time is the enemy". Quantic is the "stage name" of Will Holland, a musician from England that masterfully creates music by mixing electronic, jazz, funk and a couple of condiments. "Time is the enemy" is the 10th song from his 2001 "The 5th Exotic" album.

Michael Vincent Manalo is according to his own description a self-taught digital mixed-media artist, photographer and musician. In his artist statement he ends with "I will try to free people's minds and allow them to withdraw from reality and give them the opportunity to dig into a wild roller coaster of a vivid dream", congratulations Michael, you succeeded. 

You are not alone
Gospels of the sand
Tales of the plane walker
The tale of the king maker
The Titan
The arcane tower

See you all next time.

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