Modular Shops, what if?

I was thinking a few days ago about modular shops, could be an architectural subject, in fact a past post of mine on the Nakagin Tower has very much to do with what I'm talking about now. All cities, towns and some villages have shops, large or small, ugly, beautiful, intriguing, enigmatic, mysterious, doesn't really matter, what's important is the fact that once you decide to open your shop in a particular place it will be difficult to move it once you need more space or you want to get to some more profitable areas.

Most shops  (restaurants, bars, services) are situated on the ground level of apartment and office buildings, so what you would need is a Le Corbusier type of building that basically rests on crutches (thanks to modern building materials), where the ground level is empty and you can make a system of modular shops. If you want to move your library (as an example) from one city to another all you need to do is attach the "container" where your business is to a car/truck, move it to the desired destination and insert it into the empty spot. This will lead to greater economy and improved efficiency and mobility.

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