Funvax, genetic warfare

What you are about to watch is a video taken in 2005 from a Pentagon briefing for a new type of warfare. Before reading the rest of this article I strongly advice you to pay attention to the video. Funvax, the vaccine against fundamentalism or the vaccine that makes it fun to be submissive?

Now, let's start dissecting this thing. What is this VMAT2 gene? By clicking this link you will be sent to a Washington Times article from November 14, 2004 where you will find that the one who discovered this gene is Dean Hamer. The 'God gene' is the popular term for the VMAT2 gene which is "a vesicular monoamine transporter that regulates the flow of mood-altering chemicals in the brain". Another article, this time from the Journal of the Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology (click here) dating from December 1st, 2000, is scientific in nature and some people may find it difficult. I would like to conclude the introduction with this article from 2008 by Aia Hussein which is in the middle of the previous two as far as complexity and wealth of information are concerned, great text. You can obviously find more by searching on the web, these three sources are just to give you a start (if you are not acquainted with the subject already).

It is true that our biological body is strongly linked to chemicals, to electric activity, to biological activity, all coordinated by our central nervous system following the blueprints dictated by our DNA. You must also understand that genes can change during our lifetime (just for an example click here). What people observed through their discovery of this gene in order to call it a 'God gene' is purely nonsense, in the video they show a 'religious brain' with the "bad gene" and a 'non-religious brain' implying that one is normal and one not. This being a Pentagon briefing, the emphasis is put on religious fundamentalism / fanaticism. They came up with the idea of creating a vaccine that turns off the VMAT2, this vaccine would actually be a respiratory virus, like a flu (according to the tests they did so far, remember, 2005).

"Do you suggest I take a CT scan with me when I'm evaluating people to determine whether or not to put a bullet in their head?". The general (or whatever he is) that puts the question was very conservative compared to the answer the expert (or whatever he is) gives, to create a virus to immunize people against the gene to "turn a fanatic into a normal person". What is a fanatic and what is a normal person? Can our personalities, actions and reactions be explained only through genetics? Europe had a time with immense religious fundamentalism and an ignorance so widespread that now you can't even believe it. We no longer burn witches on the cross so does that mean that Europeans went through genetic therapy sometime in the past? I doubt that, what I believe is that the retards that controlled Western society back then inevitably died or retired and made room for intelligent and rational people, even religious people, that know and feel spirituality... the Age of Enlightenment.

This video is made for the trigger happy Pentagon boys, so even if the words Islam and Muslim are not used, you know they are present. Islam had an age of great blooming and openness, we know most of the ancient European philosophers through their copies and commentaries so why is the Islamic world now in such a devastating shape? Colonialism for one, Western colonialism and greed for power, any vaccine for those? This is not about religion, it's about submission, when foreign countries come and take your resources you must welcome them with flowers and open arms, when they kill your children because you have too many, you must thank them for helping the environment, when they invade your country you must roll out the fucking red carpet for them. Imagine Nazis with such technology, any Polish and French resistance?

In conclusion I also want you to listen carefully to what the presenter says around 1:46, youtube video time (9:20:50 video time). "these individuals were read a religious text" and goes on to show that the religious text itself managed to influence the brain, this makes me think that not the gene dictates our religious behavior, but there is something else.

Please, share this article to as many people as possible, learn, think, and fight for yourselves, for your family, for your friends, for our race.
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