Their Version of Peace, the Peace Bomb

Peace can be understood in two ways, first you have peace as the state of harmony, the lack of conflict, and secondly you have peace as death. This being said, the American method of bringing peace in the world is highly effective, although, it refers to the second definition and, so, their achievements are not to be commended but condemned. Sadly, people are so brainwashed with American propaganda that even if you think and know that the United States is using the world as a playground, you are unlikely to take a stand. We shouldn't reject American culture, it definitely has many positive elements, what we should reject and actively oppose is their desire to take over the world through their self-centered mentality that feeds on false patriotism.

Everyone should take life in their own hands, nobody should rely on anyone for help and if help comes, it usually has a cost and it's up to you to accept or refuse. Assuming this doesn't apply to geopolitics is like assuming that on the Moon people no longer need to breath. I would like to see America developing a national consensus on what is good and productive. Acting like a superhero with a dissociative identity disorder in neither good, nor productive. I hope as many American people will read this article. If you see someone who considers himself the richest, smartest and most powerful man on the planet, you don't expect him to attack a homeless individual which could possibly be envious of his success. If he does that he is not much greater than him. This can translate into Bush Jr. transforming the American nation into sheepherders. The amount of anger the Taliban and other militant Islamist movements show against the West is disproportionately increased and redirected back to them, and in the process countless innocent people die. 

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