HOPKINS, David - Modernism in Retreat: Minimalist Aesthetics and Beyond (2)

I am definitely not an admirer of Minimalism, the artistic movement in the 20th century, but it is nonetheless an interesting moment to study. For me this translates mainly into a curiosity to see how far will humans go with their interpretation of art, what are the motives for creating it and how is the 'new' art being received by the public and by fellow artists. This second and last part of Minimalist Aesthetics will address the importance of "objecthood" , of form and Minimalist legacy in areas like film. Carl Andre has some interesting things, he is heavily indebted to Romanian sculptor Constantin Brancusi, as you will see. Eva Hesse and Louise Bourgeois are two artists who both had rather tragic or at least restless lives, something that can be seen in their works also. I can see only limited artistic value in their works, ironically, rather incidental.

Download it here. Thanks to Ubuntu One.
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