NIETZSCHE - Beyond Good and Evil (1)

Some time ago I presented a book entitled "An Introduction to Philosophy" by George Stuart Fullerton, now I decided to go with Nietzsche. This is the first part entitled "On the Prejudices of Philosophy" from his 1886 book "Beyond Good and Evil". I was thinking of going through every one of the 23 segments but this is not really the point of this section, the "books" segment exists to recommend texts and to encourage people to read, understand, and comment these texts.

The first part of Beyond Good and Evil is an interesting reading experience, to see what Nietzsche thought about philosophers and philosophies, ancient and modern (contemporary to him). As a side note (and one not very philosophical), it's funny to see how philosophers often attack one another, each of them claiming they hold the keys to everything, truth included. That's why, in my perspective, I see philosophy as something personal, you can find as many reasons to think life is deterministic as you may be lead to think that you have free will. While I agree with Nietzsche that philosophers accepted many of the Judeo-Christian elements that are based more on belief than analyses and scientific method, I am of the opinion that philosophy is beyond knowledge and truth and it must give people the tools they need to develop their spirituality and mind. Now, the question of spirituality is another important topic altogether. 

Download the fragment here. Happy reading.
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